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At Intimate Apparel Consultancy, we offer a range of bra fitting courses for personnel in the lingerie industry who need to know how to measure and fit bras correctly. Our courses help you and your personnel to fit bras perfectly so that your customers are always satisfied with their lingerie purchase. If you and your staff can measure a bra correctly and provide the customer with a perfect product, it makes all the difference to your sales. Customers will keep coming back time and time again, because they know they will always get a great service and the right bra with the right fit.

We offer a comprehensive range of bra fitting courses that provide you and your lingerie personnel with a high level of bra fitting knowledge. Our bra fitting courses are provided by our experienced bra fitting experts who have over 25 years of experience.

The range of courses we offer enable you and your staff to begin bra fitting immediately in a retail environment and this means that they can fit, measure and provide confident, knowledgeable advice to your customers and provide a superior customer experience that will help improve sales.

We offer a basic foundation course for those with no previous experience that teaches how to fit different bras on different body types and then our more intensive bra fitting courses offer more in-depth and specialist bra fitting skills, such as maternity and post-surgery. Bra fitting is a skill that takes training and knowledge to achieve the necessary results and satisfied customers.


We offer the following bra fitting courses that are suitable for most lingerie personnel including foundation bra fitting courses


“I found the foundation bra fitting course well thought out & well presented. It’s given me 100% more confidence in my fitting skills and customer approach.”

Melanie Walbrin

Foundation Bra fitting introduction to bra fitting course from Intimate Apparel Lingerie Consultancy Essex UK

Foundation Bra Fitting Course

Our Foundation Bra Fitting course is run in small groups by our bra fitting expert Alison Hawkins and has been successfully running for over 10 years, training in excess of 1200 people across the UK and Europe.  This course is an introduction to bra fitting and enables lingerie personnel to achieve basic bra fitting knowledge and the necessary skills to measure and fit a bra in a lingerie retail environment. No previous bra fitting experience is necessary and the course includes fitting various styles and types of bras including first bras, maternity and nursing and shapewear and swimwear. The course is an ideal refresher course as well. For more information or to book a place/places on our Foundation Bra fitting course please go to our Foundation Bra fitting course page, where you can find out about course content. You can also find information on our Bespoke Foundation Bra fitting courses, which we can conduct at your own premises for up to six staff.

Bra Fitting Courses, Foundation and Advanced Bra Fitting Courses for lingerie personnel

Post Surgery Bra Fitting Course

Our advanced level bra fitting course is also run by Alison Hawkins and this more intensive course is ideal for retail personnel working in lingerie departments or stores who require a more in depth knowledge of fitting specialist intimate apparel products such as post surgery bras. Some experience is essential and we recommend this course for personnel who’ve already attended one of our foundation bra fitting courses and now want to acquire a broader skill set and greater knowledge of specialist bra fitting. This course is predominately about post surgery bra fitting and covers breast cancer, post surgery scarring, bra fitting & related issues and products. The course is usually held in small groups enabling good interaction. A “real” post surgery model is used to fit on during the fitting exercises.

Course - Post Surgery Bra Fitting

Location: Training Room, Southend-on-sea, Essex

Date and Time:

Monday 21st October 2019

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Thursday 12th December 2019

Wednesday 29th January 2020

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Wednesday  24th June 2020


Length of Course: 1 day   9.30 – 16.00

Cost: £225 per person

Includes a light lunch and refreshments


Post surgery bra fitting course outline and content

This course is run by Alison Hawkins who has over 25 years experience in developing & delivering bra fitting training courses across UK & Europe and is it provides an introduction to anyone who needs to have a full understanding of fitting specialist Intimate Apparel post surgery lingerie products. This course will enable them to fit a wide range of their own branded garments in their retail environment with confidence. After a brief round robin, we will re-cap on bra fitting, measuring and cover in detail breast cancer, post surgery, scarring, bra fitting & related issues and products. A genuine” post surgery model will be used for all measuring, fitting and demonstrations and is available on the day for practical experience.

Course Entry Requirements

Some fitting experience is required. This course is ideal for someone who has already attended our Foundation level fitting course.

Planned Outcomes for the Course

By the end of the course we anticipate that you will have:

• An understanding and confidence to fit Mastectomy customers

• Have confidence to handle prosthesis & other specialist products

• Appreciate different surgery and scaring issues & fit accordingly

• A better knowledge & skill level in dealing with customers who require extra special attention and specialist advise & understanding

One day bra fitting courses for Lingerie Personnel Essex UK

One Day Bra Fitting Course

Our one day bra fitting course is run by Lindsay Brown. Lindsay is one of the few people worldwide to have a Master Degree in bra design and manufacture. This course aims to teach participants how to measure and fits bras by eye without using a tape measure. Lindsay adopts an entirely different approach to traditional bra fitting with a tape measure, and the aim of this bra fitting course is to create the ability in participants to assess anatomy and body shape with great skill, thus eliminating the need to use a tape measure, but still enabling your staff to fit a customer’s bra to perfection.

Course - One Day Bra Fitting

Location: Leicester, East Midlands, UK








Length of Course: 1 day, 9:30 – 5:00pm

Cost: £250 + VAT


Course Outline and Content

The Bra Fitting  Course is run by Lindsey Brown, who is one of a handful of people worldwide to have a Masters Research Degree in Bra Design and Manufacture. MA Contour Design and Manufacture ~ Distinction.  The Course is held in small groups enabling clad interaction.

The One Day Course has a morning of theory discussing the Origins of the Bra, Anatomy of the Breast, Sizing and Styles, Technical Product Knowledge, Good Fitting Bras, Specialist Bras. The afternoon session covers the  Bra fitting technique and practical session with fitting on  real women not models.

Course Entry Requirements

The Bra Fitting Course is suitable for everyone involved in Lingerie, from Bra Fitting Specialists to Newcomers wanting to offer Bra Fitting Advice or provide a Bra Fitting Service, from buyers to designers, established businesses who would like to enhance their knowledge and newcomers to the industry. No previous experience in fitting is required.

Planned Outcomes for the Course

• The aim of the course is to teach participants by eye, without the use of a tape measure.

• The benefits to Lindsey Brown’s approach of training is that the understanding of anatomy and body shape stretches thinking outside of a tape measure technique.

• The understanding of the Technical Product Knowledge saves times and energy later on in the buying process

• The attendee will complete the course with the confidence to select suitable bra styles and be able to correctly assess bra size

For further information on our Bra fitting courses or to discuss your company’s requirement please contact us

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