How To Check That You Are Wearing The Right Size Bra

26th June, 2017

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Many women don’t even realise that they could be wearing the wrong bra size. They ignore the shoulder and back pain, the tight under-band that digs into their ribs and the red shoulder strap marks. There are all tell-tale signs of an ill-fitting bra! Ladies, don’t worry. Intimate Apparel Consultancy are here to teach you how to check that you are wearing the right size bra.

Here’s how to check that you are wearing the right size bra

The underband

  • Check that the centre of the bra lies flat to the breastbone and that the centre front of the bra (the piece of fabric that is between the cups) is sitting flat.
  • Ensure that the under band sits in a straight horizontal line all the way around the body. The under-band should be fitted on the first set of hook and eyes (loosest Fitting) and should be feel tight, but comfortable in its fitting. As you wash and wear the bra stretches you can then tighten it as required to get longer wear.
  • Test the tightness by placing two fingers under the band. You should be able to pull the band away from the body by no more than ½ inch. 80% off the bras support should come from the under-band so a comfortable, secure fit is essential.

A good test is to lift your arms up above your head and check if the under-band lifts in any way. It should not come away from the chest wall nor allow any breast tissue to fall out from the bottom of the cups.

The straps

  • The straps should be adjusted so that once you gently pull them from the shoulders, they can be moved by about one inch only. Any looser and they are not supporting the top cup fully. The straps must feel comfortable.

The issue of straps constantly slipping of ones shoulders is not always caused by the straps not being adjusted correctly, the bra might not be the right style for your body type and the straps might be too wide-set.

 The cups


  • Check that the whole of the breast is inside the cup. You want two breasts, not four or six!
  • Examine the top edge of your bra cups for any signs of ‘spillage’ and make you sure your chest doesn’t ‘bubble’ over the top edge of the cups.
  • Look at all angles in a mirror and remember, whatever the bra silhouette, bulges and spillages are a really bad look.

If you want a plunging, revealing neckline,  this can still be achieved with a good fitting bra as the flesh should look flush with the part of your chest that’s contained in your bra cups – not bulging out!

A good tip is to put on a tight fitting light coloured top to check silhouette. The bust should be lifted and supported so it sits half way between the shoulder and elbow. From the front, the breasts and nipples should be facing forward, not out to the side, giving a younger perky appearance.

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