How To Plan Your Lingerie Sale

12th July, 2017

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You need to plan your lingerie sale to be in a tight, effective time window that works for you on your particular high street. This is because whatever they’re selling, the high street multiple retailers clear their seasonal lines very aggressively!

It should resemble a military procedure…

Plan your lingerie sale properly

Do not have your lingerie sale on for any longer than 3-4 weeks. There is one thing that is a certain, clearing stock does not get any easier if you procrastinate. If it did not sell in the first season it most definitely will not sell during the second!

Keep reducing it until it goes during the first sale period and then write it off and donate to charity, otherwise it will:-

  • Reduce your stock turn
  • Reduce cash flow
  • Tie up “ your” money in unsalable stock
  • Overload your stockroom whilst continuing to devalue

Other factors to consider

When you plan your lingerie sale, look at how to maximise your time and buy in sale lines to ensure this period is not all about less profit. These are lines that you can bring into your business at an inflated margin with the view to reducing them for the sale and maintain a healthy profit.

Just be aware that the trading standards require businesses to “price establish” for 30 days prior to the reduction otherwise you cannot legally show the original price and full reduction.

Contact your local consumer direct helpline for more information. Speak to suppliers and see if they have any lines that you can buy cheaper, but buy carefully.

It’s always a good idea to look for lines that do not carry a RRP then you can set your own retail prices.

Get new season lines in early – it is often a good opportunity to take advantage of the additional foot fall generated through your business at sale time.

Your business should benefit enormously during the sale period of both new bargain hunters as well as your loyal all year round shoppers, who will of course come in looking for a bargain, however may well be tempted by new product displays at the same time. So ensure that the shop floor optimises NEW lines in a beautiful tempting manner.

Good luck!!

Need some more expert advice?

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  • Merchandising - Stock turn, promotions… and much more!

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