Is shapewear healthy? Where does the fat go? We debunk the myths!

9th June, 2017

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Last year I was interviewed by The Daily Mail for their article on every woman’s secret weapon – shapewear!

We have previously discussed shapewear sales, and now I want to debunk the myths about it causing harm to your body and educate you on the special abilities of each variety…

It is important for lingerie business sales-women to know this info so they can inform customers and help them to make a purchase.

How does shapewear hide your fat and where does it go?

One of the biggest shapewear mysteries is where on earth all of your fat goes. Surely squashing it all in causes it to bulge out of the top and sides?
False! In fact, shapewear, such as Spanx, is designed to hold fat in smaller areas and compress it into spaces of the body that holds a lot of muscle, such as the abs.

The article quotes me saying:

‘It’s like sucking your stomach in, in front of a mirror,’ says Claire Franks. ‘It doesn’t mean flab starts appearing on your back. It’s just lifted up and into the rib cage.’

Some varieties are even specially designed to move your excess fat to more desirable places such as your bottom! It does this by compressing the fat from the upper thighs and pushing it in the direction of your back-side, giving a fuller, rounder appearance.

The sales for these types of shapewear are booming as more women crave the backsides of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez who openly promote their generous ‘booties’ on social media.

Can shapewear damage your health?

In short, no.

Women have been using some form of shapewear to achieve slimmer waists for centuries. Back in the days of Ancient Greece, women used to wear metal girdles, linen waist binders and bodices that were stiffened with homemade pastes to achieve a desirable figure.

There’s no doubt that these extreme methods would result in health issues further down the line…

However, shapewear has evolved significantly from those days, offering women comfortable garments made from breathable materials. Unlike ancient methods that focus on permanently changing the structure of your body, modern shapewear is designed to help you slip into a slinky number on a special occasion!

At the end of the day, no permanent changes are being made to your body and, as long as you aren’t in your shapewear all day every day, no harm is going to come of it!

The different types of shapewear available on the market

More and more women want to conceal their fat, which means brands are always bringing out new and improved designs.

  • Classic shorts – They cover you from the hips to mid thighs. These are the most recognisable and popular style for ladies wishing to slim down their thighs and add extra OOMPF to their bottoms.
  • High-waisted pants – Otherwise known as the Bridget Jones Knickers! These bad boys simultaneously compress the stomach, thighs and bottom.
  • Firming camisole – A skin tight vest that gives you a cheap tummy tuck and helps you to achieve an hourglass figure.
  • Control Dress – A tight and slinky dress that compresses and extenuates your figure in all the right places – perfect to go under a shorter dress as there is no chance of it showing.

And there you have it. Now, when you see a customer lingering around the shapewear department with a worried look on their face, you can guide them in the right direction based on what result they are looking for.

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