“Very professional service, plenty of helpful tips and guidance, very enjoyable”
Technovent Ltd.

“Interesting and informative course, really helpful and they really make you feel at ease”
Technovent Ltd.

“Fantastic Course! Highly knowledgeable trainer, information level was very good. the trainer gets to know you so she can focus on how to help and  fit the training to your needs. Thanks!  Chloe Mallaby

Great Course! Really useful and highly informative. Perfect for a beginner. Lauren Mallaby

Great Course! Really good starting place for anyone who thinks they may be interested in Lingerie. Jo Andrews

Thank you so much for this course. When i came in I didn’t have an idea on how to measure and fit a bra, I had read up online about how to do this but actually doing this practically has been really helpful! Toyin Shogaolu

” I have many years bra fitting experience but after a few years break from the industry decided on a refresher course. I found the Foundation bra fitting course very helpful, very informative and covered all aspects of bra fitting”. Stella Bishop, Lingerie Consultant.

“I came into the Foundation bra fitting course with no previous knowledge and left with a clear understanding of bra fitting! so pleased.” Claudia, Entrepreneur.

“The foundation bra fitting course was very detailed and professional and have learnt far more than I expected”  Olivia Owen, Lingerie Consultant.

I found the foundation bra fitting course well thought out & well presented. Its given me 100% more confidence in my fitting skills and customer approach. I highly recommend this course, Allison is a true fitting genius!”   Melanie Walbrin

With no prior experience my knowledge has grown drastically and I know understand all aspects of a well run fitting and measuring service, the Foundation bra fitting course delivered above and beyond my expectations”  Lucy Shaw, Bra fitter.

“The Intimate Apparel Consultancy Foundation bra fitting course proved to be invaluable to all the girls on the fashion team. Everyone had a little knowledge, but this course brought it all together & gave them an independent view on all makes, sizes and how to fit them. An enjoyable day well spent.”

Fiona Mockett, Store Controller Quadrant Dept Store Braintree

“I attended the Advanced bra fitting course with Intimate Apparel Consultancy as I wanted a better understanding on the fitting of Mastectomy bras. The day was simply perfect and thoroughly enjoyable. Allison is a great teacher, with superb experience and in depth knowledge and as a result I now have more knowledge and confidence with Mastectomy Bra fittings. I highly recommend this course.”

Susan Boulger, Mystique, Shropshire

“In my opinion there is no way that the course could be improved upon and I urge any lingerie boutique owners, employees, stylists, consultants and even lingerie bloggers like me to sign up now!”

Tamar Kendell, Founder and editor of Lingerie Stylist Blog

“Ladies I would highly recommend the Mastectomy bra fitting course with IAC,  I found it very informative and most enjoyable.  I myself want to be able to fit ladies who have undergone a mastectomy and I was very happy with the course content.  I had real life models to train on and  I feel now that I am ready to help my clients,  especially those that have had surgery to feel confident and feminine.  Thanks again to Allison and Claire.”

Lorraine Lonergan, Hair Replacement & Breast Care Solutions, Cavan, Ireland

“The Foundation Bra Fitting course I attended with IAC far exceeded my expectations. I left the day having learned far beyond just bra fit and feel that I have gained a very good level of bra fit training. I urge anyone looking to expand their lingerie services and knowledge to sign up to this course, whether a boutique owner, style consultant, or even lingerie blogger, like me!”

Tamar Kendall, Lingerie-Stylist.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intimate Apparel Bra Fitting Foundation Course. Alison was an amazing instructor and hugely knowledgeable in her field. Although excited about the course, coming from a Fashion Design background, I had thought that Bra fitting would have come quite naturally. My goodness was I wrong. It takes lots of practice and there is so much to it than people could ever think. The course was lovely and informative, yet informal and comfortable at the same time. I particularly enjoyed the history talk on the Bra and where it came from. I cannot recommend this course enough and am now keen to further it with study, along with letting my Stylists take the training. After all underwear is a crucial factor to your outerwear looking good!”

Caroline Williams, De Vallenger Design

“I really enjoyed the Foundation bra fitting course and there was so much to learn and I received invaluable training to set me up for starting to fit. I can’t wait to get going!”

Estelle Robb

“A wonderful Introduction into the Lingerie Industry and bra fitting. A real confidence booster. Enjoyable and productive.”

Sally Laking, Essex

“As a complete novice to bra fitting, I thoroughly enjoyed my foundation bra fitting course with Allison. In addition to actually learning the fundamentals of bra fitting, it was great to get a background on the history of lingerie. Allison was patient and efficient in her instruction, and it was a great help to have a friendly model to practice with. I wouldn’t have imagined I would have built up enough confidence to do a bra fitting on my own after just one session, but I really did learn enough to get me on my way. In addition, I learned a lot about different types of bras and how they may or may not be suitable for different body types. I continue to be impressed with Intimate Apparel Consultancy and their professionalism and friendliness.”

Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin

“The Foundation Bra fitting course was extremely beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable. I was so glad to have attended, upon my recommendation my colleague is now looking forward to doing the same course in the very near future.”

Florence Intimates, Trinidad

“As a bra fitter I have always had a hunger to be up on the very latest when it comes to my technique. I felt that going overseas was the only route for me and for true growth in my field, as I think that continued education is key to becoming the best in my field. I also feel that England is far more advanced when it comes to women’s bra sizing and fitting. When correcting many of the ill-fitting bras I come into contact with here in the US, the English brands always have the best options in sizes, something the US market lacks. I stumbled upon Intimate Apparel Consultancy on twitter of all places. I researched the company, exchanged emails, and finally decided their program would be the best for me. Claire create a bespoke bra fitting course for me setting me up with three amazing trainers! They all had something extraordinary to contribute and had slightly different approaches to bra fitting. Everything was in order and organized perfectly. I felt, and still do, secure in the knowledge that if I have any more questions they’d be just an email away! I’m thrilled with the end result and all my certificates. I feel that, as an undergarment specialist, I have much, much more to contribute to my field and can’t wait to share my expertise with the world!”

Miriam Hernandez, Lingerie Stylist, California, USA

“Allison was a lovely and patient teacher. She not only taught me about fitting but about good customer service as well. She was focussed on making sure that I knew all I needed to know from the course and great value for money too. What a lovely day I had and now I have a nice certificate to show off too!”

Michelle Broomes

Claire’s no nonsense, realistic, yet encouraging approach, made for a very productive session enabling us to shape an idea into a business plan. Claire’s years of knowledge and expertise took us, in one day, to a whole new level that would have taken us many, many months of trial and error to reach by ourselves.

Bindu & Jo, Start up Business partners

“We found our session with Claire excellent and very informative. Her knowledge and experience in the industry provided us with a great focus on our business. We look forward to working with Claire again in the future.”

Mel Pilkington, Lady Muck

It was my lucky day when I read a very interesting article in Lingerie Buyer magazine written by Claire .I contacted Claire as I found the article very insightful in all aspects of the UK intimate apparel market. Claire has now worked on several projects for me and I have been delighted with her input. She is highly respected with all stake holders of the industry especially the Key retail buyers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire . She is ethical and keeps confidentiality.

CEO, Simon De Winter Group. Melbourne Australia.

“I was recommended Claire’s services and I was definitely not disappointed!! I am new to the lingerie industry and due to the depth and extent of this industry, it’s great to be working with someone who as such great knowledge and expertise of this world due to her own extensive experience.  I very much look forward to working with Claire as she guides me along my new venture.  It was great to have that one on one service as I was able to openly discuss my ideas and Claire was able to steer me in the right direction by suggesting on what we should focus on first, lay the right foundations to build upon.  We now have a structure in place and before each follow on meeting; I know now what I must complete to achieve my end goal.”

Sukhy Nijjar, New Lingerie retailer

“I am in the process of starting my own lingerie brand and am very pleased that I took the decision to seek the help and advice of Claire Franks. Following our initial meeting I feel inspired and excited and much more informed about what I need to be considering as part of the brand development and launch. Claire clearly has a vast amount of experience and knowledge and her very friendly approach makes her a real pleasure to work with and discuss issues with. I am filled with ideas as a result of our first session and I am already looking forward to meeting with her again. I would definitely recommend her services.”

New Start Up Brand, London

“As a start up business, I really needed the support, advice and guidance that Claire Franks provided during our initial meeting. I would highly recommend Intimate Apparel Consultancy as the go-to-place for business acceleration and growth. Her friendly and personable approach allowed me to feel comfortable to run through any problems or queries I had and she provided positive steps in which to take..My business is well on the roads thanks to Claire!”

Start Up Business Owner

“After spending just one day with Claire, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to push my business forward and now feel confident and excited about the future!”

Sue Guerrieri, Sugaplumshop.com

“I contacted Claire Franks, Intimate Apparel Consultancy as we need help fast to pump start our lingerie retail business in the recession and be competitive. Claire came to see us for a full day and we discuss the changes that’s needed. She gave us for the first time in 2 yrs. a clear strategy of how to move our business forward.  A few weeks later we have only implement a few of her proposals and we can already start to see the difference already, just image how  much greater things will be when we implement all of her ideas! We are pleased we contacted Claire as she has really helped us and we will definitely use her services again, if we need to!”

Gabriella Sandham, London

“I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I invited Claire to critique my business a in July 2013.  Beach and Body has been trading as a standalone swimwear shop for 11 years now, and in this ever changing market I felt that some outside professional intervention was needed to send the business in the right direction for future success. Claire spent the day with me, firstly walking around the shopping area and then the rest of the morning in the shop discussing layout, merchandising and brands generally.  I timed the visit to coincide with the start of the swimwear buying season, so the afternoon was spend pouring over statistics, reports and budgeting for the next year as well as reviewing the web site. Despite the fact that I was exhausted after Claire left, she filled me with renewed enthusiasm and full of confidence. I spent the following month implementing the strategies that Claire suggested and she has advised me to keep in touch if I need any more advice. I can’t say that I agreed with everything that Claire said BUT she has certainly helped me look at my business from the outside inwards with a more professional eye.  Thanks to Claire I am really looking forward to 2013.”

Melanie Mogford, Body & Beach

“As a start-up lingerie company I was in desperate need of some expert guidance and advice on how to move a new product forward with product sourcing, branding and marketing. After meeting with Intimate Apparel Consultancy and in particular Claire Franks, I was very impressed with her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of this highly competitive industry.  Claire was able to quickly help define our potential market, suggest sales and marketing strategies and offer insight into product issues and improvements. I feel that the professional and efficient service IAC supplied has been a life line to the business by giving the company a clear, focused path on how to achieve our desired goals. I would recommend IAC for any lingerie company, start up or established, to address any of their business needs, as for my company we are continuing using IAC excellent services on an on-going bases.”

Collette McCrarren, NoSho

“IAC has been invaluable for me as a start up brand, providing me with concrete, measurable and – most importantly -  industry-specific advice. Claire’s no-nonsense attitude and friendly, professional demeanour left me feeling inspired, focused, and ready to take on anything, armed with the knowledge of her years of experience in every aspect of the sector. I very much look forward to working with her again in the near future!”

Leanna Williams, Director, Harlow & Fox

“In our experience Intimate Apparel Consultancy operate in a professional manner and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.  IAC will take the time to gain a good insight into your business, culture and standards of your organisation and finding best fit for your purposes.”

Loredana Sole. Senior HR Officer for DB Apparel UK Limited

“I have known Claire over more than 10 years in various management positions in the lingerie industry and notably in my own companies: Ballet and Charnos, between 1998 and 2006. Claire is a consummate Product and Sales professional, who is recognised in the industry as one of its most knowledgeable people, with that rare ability of being able to understand both Consumer and Store Buyer attitudes and reactions. As a result, she is regularly consulted by many of us in both Retail and Supply Chain. Frighteningly persistent as a sales executive but with a great sense of humour, Claire is one of the UK industry’s gems!”

Tony Tredwell, Chairman of the Centre for European Development

“Working with Claire feels like working with a partner. She is unquestionably my sounding board for the UK market and her energy inspires me.”

Lydia Leong, Jamu Australia

“Claire is great to work with, her effortless enthusiasm and motivation make her a fab team player and results are achieved almost before you realise you have started work! Her industry knowledge is second to none, I highly recommend Intimate Apparel Consultancy to anyone looking for support or guidance in the Lingerie business.”

Jean Ralph, PR Genie

“Your services were priceless. Very informative and positive!”

Emily Liptack, Eternal Reign

“I have known Claire Franks for many years her knowledge is extensive and paramount to anyone starting out in the lingerie business. With such a wide variety of experience from retail and buying back through to distribution, wholesale and manufacturing, Claire has a complete picture of the industry. If a few consultations with an experienced colleague like this would have been available when I started out, I would have jumped at the chance. She will walk you through from basics to advanced skills that you will need to get going and be a mentor as you progress.”

Craig Smallcombe, Managing Director Pearl Lagoon Limited

“Having listened thoughtfully to my pre-start up proposal, Claire gave me insightful and sound advice in both a friendly and professional manner.  I came away with some golden nuggets as well as much food for thought. Looking forward to meeting her again as my business plan becomes live!”

Stella Popowicz, New brand creator

“Unlike other consulting firms we had dealt with, IAC came with a practical approach and concrete advice on how to improve our business. Their evaluation of the overall situation of our shops was to the point, and the new positioning they recommended made a lot of business sense. All the deriving suggestions made were very useful and related to various aspects of the business, mainly the layout of shops, merchandising and window displays, buying process, mix of brands and service. A rise in sales has already been realized in some areas we modified according to their recommendations, and we are sure that more improvement will follow given the necessary time. We are very glad to have discovered IAC and look forward to an on-going relationship with the company.”

Amira Rizk ,Vanilla Shops, Beirut, Lebanon

“We had recently relocated our Lingerie department from first floor to ground floor with its own front door! So we had to get it right!  Claire’s straight forward down to earth approach to the day was refreshing and very informative! Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the lingerie industry is inspiring, as were her energy levels!”

J Gray , Bratts Department Store, Cheshire

“I found Claire both incredibly friendly and very professional. Her insight to the industry was invaluable and I left our meeting with pages and pages of useful notes & ideas. The meeting itself felt more like a cup of coffee with a friend than a business meeting which was definitely a bonus!”

Christina , Dentelle

“We needed to recruit a Key Account Manager with a good knowledge of the lingerie market and immediately thought of Intimate Apparel Consultancy, especially as Claire has such a good and wide knowledge of the lingerie market. We were provided with an excellent short list of candidates and have been very pleased with the professional way the recruitment process has been handled and the full service offered. If you want to find the best, use Intimate Apparel Consultancy.”

Tony Jarvis, Managing Director, Gossard & Berlei

“Due to in depth understanding of the industry and the role we recruited meant  that the candidates Intimate Apparel found for us were a great fit both for the role and the business. A pleasure to work with such a professional team.”

Carol Johnson, Sales Manager, Ultimo

“IAC have been absolutely fantastic to deal with! This is the second time in a number of weeks that I have had to call Claire & Nicky, firstly for an in store Consultant and secondly for a new Southern Agent, the calibre of personnel they found was excellent, everything happened so quickly and easily, within days our positions filled. Why would I use anyone else other than IAC, thank you ladies, I’ll be back!!”

Stephen Morrow, Maison Lejaby

“I would just like to thank Claire & Intimate Apparel for the prompt and courteous service that we have received. The caliber of candidates has been at a very high standard and having now found 2 designers after many long months of searching just proves that the Intimate Apparel Consultancy and Claire are well connected in the market and listen to their clients’ needs carefully. We look forward to doing more business in the near future.”

Rondah Al Shab-HR Manager UAE/GULF-Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group LLC

“We contacted Intimate Apparel Consultancy for help in finding a sales agent for the UK market. Ten days later the job was done and we could fly over to London for interviews and we now have the person we were looking for! From the beginning we felt we had found the right “head hunter” for the lingerie industry, it is for sure hard to find a better one as they understood immediately our needs, have valuable contacts, worked quickly, professionally and in such a friendly manner! We are very satisfied and recommend Intimate Apparel Consultancy to everyone!”

Maria Swegmark, Swegmark of Sweden AB

“IAC is very different to most other recruitment agencies.  Claire truly understands the lingerie industry and the people that work within it. She took time to appreciate our business and recommend candidates that could meet our needs and fit into the team. Claire is great to work with and very passionate about helping us find the right people. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to other companies.”

Steve Hudson, Managing Director, Curvy Kate

“Intimate Apparel Consultancy has taken the time understand our business and listen to our requirements and provided us with high quality candidates.  It is because of this I would not hesitate in recommending them to other companies.”

Caroline Christopher HR Manager for Panache Lingerie Limited

“To find an Industry specific recruitment service was a real find for me…Intimate Apparel Consultancy offered a friendly, helpful, reliable service with good communication throughout. They sent through a small but specific group of high calibre candidates, one of which was perfect and employed, thank you for making this process so much easier.”

DiMurini, London

“What a pleasure to work with Claire Franks. Not only is she pleasant to work with, she is efficient and understanding of one’s requirements. The Lady knows her game…”

Sally Forrester, White Mischief SA

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