A well-known tabloid newspaper recently ran an article about a bra calculator that they claimed would help calculate your correct bra size, so we looked and concluded that it didn’t work very well, so we thought we’d explain why.

You can check out their method here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6717791/The-bra-size-calculator-help-bra-actually-fits.html and then our method below.

It would be lovely to think you could get an accurate bra measurement yourself, but there really is no better way to get a bra that fits you perfectly than by getting a professional bra fitting in a specialist lingerie shop, and here are five reasons why: –

  1. As soon as you lift your arms to measure yourself, by running the tape around your torso, you expand the rib cage, so you’re getting an incorrect measurement from the offset. This will then throw everything out. You can get someone else to help you but still the calculator appears to have other failings.
  2. If you’re wearing a badly fitting bra, as seven out of ten women are, the nipples will most likely be in the wrong position, also if the badly fitting bra is compressing the breasts, this will also alter the outcome, making the cup size smaller, so you’re starting from a disadvantage already.
  3. The article struggled a bit on the maths side and got 37” – 34” as 4 inches not 3 inches!!!
  4. A good bra fitter will know each brand individually, which is why going to retailers that only stock their own brand is not recommended i.e. M&S, Boux Avenue etc. You need to try a variety of brands to find the right one for you, as every brand will fit slightly differently and that’s a good thing, as there are thousands of different shapes out there.
  5. Fabrics also offer different support levels and fit, stretch lace, embroideries, micro fibre spacer fabrics, all have something different to offer, these again are things that a professional bra fitter will know and understand.

Our bra fitting instructor tested this method on herself and got the following measurements:-

Under bust 28” Over bust 37”

According to the method advocated in the newspaper it would make her a 28G, when, her size is a 32DD.  Quite a substantial difference.

The professional method measures the under-bust and then adds 4 inches, making a bra size of 32. You than take the over bust measurement of 37 inches and subtract the under-bust measurement which gives a difference of 9 inches. The list below gives you the cup size but does not guarantee the right size bra, it’s just a starting point for a bra fitting by a lingerie expert. It would be a more accurate measure but still you wouldn’t be getting the expertise of your lingerie professional in terms of what brands, style and fabrics might be best for your shape and size.

Difference cup convertor

  • 4=AA
  • 5=A
  • 6=B
  • 7=C
  • 8=D
  • 9=DD
  • 10=E
  • 11=F
  • 12=FF
  • 13=G
  • 14=GG
  • 15=H
  • 16=HH
  • 17=J
  • 18=JJ
  • 19=K
  • 20=L

Visiting a professional bra fitter isn’t just about getting the measurements spot on, although this is of major importance, but also about making the most of the knowledge of brands, fabrics and types of bras that a professional bra fitter can help you with.  So, it seems like a good idea to try the DIY approach, but it doesn’t cost anything to go into a specialist lingerie shop and have a fitting.

At Intimate Apparel we offer bra fitting courses, so contact us for further information on 01702 291525 or email info@intimateapparelconsultancy.co.uk