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Whilst doing tweets today, we came across a recurring story on how some lingerie brands and bloggers have used “racy” content to get themselves out there and are now falling foul of new censorship rules geared at the sex industry, that may affect the lingerie Industry as a whole, in terms of social media and advertising.   It was interesting because it’s one of the reasons we as a company don’t use automatic tweets and Facebook update services.  Porn operators are smart and build in hashtags for innocuous things like #lingerie and once you’ve set up your keywords to try and find likely followers, you can find porn all over your twitter feed, and many people don’t bother to monitor them once they’ve set up an automatic system.   We’ve seen this happen with clients.

When I was looking for people to follow, I deliberately didn’t follow anyone too over the top because I saw this as a future problem but at the moment it appears that it may be more of an American issue. Google ad sense has suggested that it could affect everyone in the future though and we’re hearing from clients that there are often problems with wording of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

It was this twitter comment from the fabulous Cora Harrington better known as the Lingerie Addict, that drew my attention to the bigger issue this might become in the lingerie industry, and to be honest it hadn’t occurred to us before at Intimate Apparel.

I fully expect “shadow-banning” and other forms of censorship to just be the norm. And I won’t be surprised if there’s even more pressure on affiliate and advertising networks to drop any lingerie-related content (this is already the norm for Adsense and other advertisers).Cora Harrington – Lingerie Addict

There are various articles available to read that says that #lingerie is a banned hashtag on Instagram, which is a concern as a lot of lingerie companies use Instagram as their primary social media account.

As mentioned earlier there are quite a few (over 100,000) hashtags that are banned or blocked by Instagram including lingerie – they can be very innocent hashtags like “desk”.

So here are some Important rules to read:

  • Some hashtags might be banned forever
  • Using banned Instagram hashtags could shadow-ban, block or penalize your account
  • Some hashtags might be banned temporarily (so they might appear or disappear)
  • Using one banned hashtag could cause all your other hashtags to not work anymore
  • If you want to use a new hashtag, check first if it’s banned, before you use it
  • Remember, there are currently 114,000 banned Instagram hashtags.

There are a some lists of banned Instagram hashtags on the internet so have a quick read through if you are concerned or think this may affect you and your lingerie business and make sure you monitor your account to ensure that automatic follows haven’t included accounts promoting pornography, as this is not good for your rlingerie brand.