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The Advanced fitting course has given me an excellent understanding of the fitting techniques required for post surgery. I would highly recommend this course.


Alma Brayely-Neale

The Foundation bra fitting course is absolutely brilliant and I was impressed by the amount of knowledge Allison had! She was lovely and very patient with me. I’d recommend this bra fitting course to everyone in the Lingerie Industry and I believe that you should refresh your bra fitting skills again with Allison. Thank you Kindly!


Natalie Joseph

I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced ( Post Surgery) bra fitting course and found it extremely informative and Allison kept everything so engaging with her own bra fitting stories from her  personal experience.


Amy Craddock

I really enjoyed the Advanced ( Post Surgery) Bra fitting course day with Allison. I learnt a great deal, the day was very structured and detailed, covering so much more than I though it would. I would definitely recommend this bra fitting course to others.


Jo Van Blommestein

Allison gave me the confidence I need to fit customers, as well as a number of very useful insights.


Linda Gannell

Retail Therapy

The Foundation course is an excellent introduction to bra fitting. Allison is thorough, friendly and her expertise clearly shows. Not many trainers have this skill or ability.


Rosemarie Williams

The advanced bra fitting course really is a step up and much advanced from the Foundation bra fitting course. The extra knowledge I learnt in the Advanced course is really invaluable and furthered my education in fitting customers that have been through a very difficult time.

Claire Clarke

Love your fit

I came all the way from Israel to learn bra fitting and really found this course professional and enjoyable.

Adi Zimmerman


“I found the course very interesting and perfect for anyone who wants to work in the Industry. I will definitely be recommending the course!”

Allena Susans

Allison and Claire were both fantastic. Allison was so easy to talk to and answered all our questions and helped us where needed.I would recommend this course.

Niki Lawson

Love Your Fit.

“Very professional service, plenty of helpful tips and guidance, very enjoyable”

Technovent Ltd

“Fantastic Course! Highly knowledgeable trainer, information level was very good. the trainer gets to know you so she can focus on how to help and fit the training to your needs. Thanks!”

Chloe Mallaby

”Great Course! Really good starting place for anyone who thinks they may be interested in Lingerie.”

Jo Andrews

”I have many years bra fitting experience but after a few years break from the industry decided on a refresher course. I found the Foundation bra fitting course very helpful, very informative and covered all aspects of bra fitting”.

Stella Bishop

Lingerie Consultant

“The foundation bra fitting course was very detailed and professional and have learnt far more than I expected”

Olivia Owen

Lingerie Consultant.

“With no prior experience my knowledge has grown drastically and I know understand all aspects of a well run fitting and measuring service, the Foundation bra fitting course delivered above and beyond my expectations”

Lucy Shaw

Bra fitter

“I attended the Advanced bra fitting course with Intimate Apparel Consultancy as I wanted a better understanding on the fitting of Mastectomy bras. The day was simply perfect and thoroughly enjoyable. Allison is a great teacher, with superb experience and in depth knowledge and as a result I now have more knowledge and confidence with Mastectomy Bra fittings. I highly recommend this course.”

Susan Boulger

Mystique, Shropshire

“Ladies I would highly recommend the Mastectomy bra fitting course with IAC, I found it very informative and most enjoyable. I myself want to be able to fit ladies who have undergone a mastectomy and I was very happy with the course content. I had real life models to train on and I feel now that I am ready to help my clients, especially those that have had surgery to feel confident and feminine. Thanks again to Allison and Claire.”

Lorraine Lonergan

Hair Replacement & Breast Care Solutions, Cavan, Ireland

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intimate Apparel Bra Fitting Foundation Course. Alison was an amazing instructor and hugely knowledgeable in her field. Although excited about the course, coming from a Fashion Design background, I had thought that Bra fitting would have come quite naturally. My goodness was I wrong. It takes lots of practice and there is so much to it than people could ever think. The course was lovely and informative, yet informal and comfortable at the same time. I particularly enjoyed the history talk on the Bra and where it came from. I cannot recommend this course enough and am now keen to further it with study, along with letting my Stylists take the training. After all underwear is a crucial factor to your outerwear looking good!”

Caroline Williams

De Vallenger Design

“A wonderful Introduction into the Lingerie Industry and bra fitting. A real confidence booster. Enjoyable and productive.”

Sally Laking


“The Foundation Bra fitting course was extremely beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable. I was so glad to have attended, upon my recommendation my colleague is now looking forward to doing the same course in the very near future.”

Florence Intimates


“Allison was a lovely and patient teacher. She not only taught me about fitting but about good customer service as well. She was focussed on making sure that I knew all I needed to know from the course and great value for money too. What a lovely day I had and now I have a nice certificate to show off too!”

Michelle Broomes

“Educational, Interesting and fundamental for a start up company. Provided for a level of Industry expertise that really put us on the right track!”

Chloe Eyre

New Start up Business

“Allison is a wonderful teacher! Given her many years of experience in the lingerie industry she was able to share many practical experiences of bra fitting that complement the technique taught theory”

Ayushi Jain

“Interesting and informative bra fitting course, really helpful and they really make you feel at ease”

Technovent Ltd

”Great Course! Really useful and highly informative. Perfect bra fitting course for a beginner.”

Lauren Mallaby

“I came into the Foundation bra fitting course with no previous knowledge and left with a clear understanding of bra fitting! so pleased.”



”Thank you so much for this course. When i came in I didn’t have an idea on how to measure and fit a bra, I had read up online about how to do this but actually doing this practically has been really helpful!

Toyin Shogaolu

“I found the foundation bra fitting course well thought out & well presented. Its given me 100% more confidence in my fitting skills and customer approach. I highly recommend this course, Allison is a true fitting genius!”

Melanie Walbrin

“The Intimate Apparel Consultancy Foundation bra fitting course proved to be invaluable to all the girls on the fashion team. Everyone had a little knowledge, but this course brought it all together & gave them an independent view on all makes, sizes and how to fit them. An enjoyable day well spent.”

Fiona Mockett

Store Controller Quadrant Dept Store Braintree

“In my opinion there is no way that the course could be improved upon and I urge any lingerie boutique owners, employees, stylists, consultants and even lingerie bloggers like me to sign up now!”

Tamar Kendell

Founder and editor of Lingerie Stylist Blog

“The Foundation Bra Fitting course I attended with IAC far exceeded my expectations. I left the day having learned far beyond just bra fit and feel that I have gained a very good level of bra fit training. I urge anyone looking to expand their lingerie services and knowledge to sign up to this course, whether a boutique owner, style consultant, or even lingerie blogger, like me!”

Tamar Kendall


“I really enjoyed the Foundation bra fitting course and there was so much to learn and I received invaluable training to set me up for starting to fit. I can’t wait to get going!”

Estelle Robb

“As a complete novice to bra fitting, I thoroughly enjoyed my foundation bra fitting course with Allison. In addition to actually learning the fundamentals of bra fitting, it was great to get a background on the history of lingerie. Allison was patient and efficient in her instruction, and it was a great help to have a friendly model to practice with. I wouldn’t have imagined I would have built up enough confidence to do a bra fitting on my own after just one session, but I really did learn enough to get me on my way. In addition, I learned a lot about different types of bras and how they may or may not be suitable for different body types. I continue to be impressed with Intimate Apparel Consultancy and their professionalism and friendliness.”

Ade Hassan

Nubian Skin

“As a bra fitter I have always had a hunger to be up on the very latest when it comes to my technique. I felt that going overseas was the only route for me and for true growth in my field, as I think that continued education is key to becoming the best in my field. I also feel that England is far more advanced when it comes to women’s bra sizing and fitting. When correcting many of the ill-fitting bras I come into contact with here in the US, the English brands always have the best options in sizes, something the US market lacks. I stumbled upon Intimate Apparel Consultancy on twitter of all places. I researched the company, exchanged emails, and finally decided their program would be the best for me. Claire create a bespoke bra fitting course for me setting me up with three amazing trainers! They all had something extraordinary to contribute and had slightly different approaches to bra fitting. Everything was in order and organized perfectly. I felt, and still do, secure in the knowledge that if I have any more questions they’d be just an email away! I’m thrilled with the end result and all my certificates. I feel that, as an undergarment specialist, I have much, much more to contribute to my field and can’t wait to share my expertise with the world!”

Miriam Hernandez

Lingerie Stylist, California, USA

I really enjoyed the Foundation Bra fitting course with Allison. In addition to the incredibly useful practical fitting skills, I was also able to learn about anatomy, bra history, sales tips and invaluable skills in making a customer feel comfortable. Very useful… I would definately recommend

Amy Loder

Nubian Skin

Intimate Apparel Consultancy provides a Foundation bra fitting course that is totally comprehensive. A professional approach that covers all aspects of the bra fitting world and beyond.

Jean Absalom

Bra fitter

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