It’s always a good idea throughout the year, and especially as Christmas approaches, to contact your regular or new customers and ask them if they would like to create a wish list for Christmas.

Christmas lingerie wish list

A wish list is good for the ladies who want to let their husbands and friends know what they like. They can have two to three choices on their wish list, that way it is still a surprise, but it’s a good way of ensuring that lingerie gifts fit, are what they want/need and are also beautifully gift wrapped.

Promote your lingerie sets

Christmas is the time when most people only want to buy lingerie sets as gifts, so ensure you have plenty of matching bottoms in stock especially if the set is a colour. Boost sales by showing customers what’s also available in the range, to tie in with that pretty bra they’ve selected, and recommend what you think will work well. If your customer has purchased a full lingerie set, then don’t forget those little add-ons like a beautiful pair of stockings.

Showcase lingerie extras and novelties on your counter

Make the most of any extra gifting products and novelties, by showcasing them on your shop counter, as a main feature on your website or as an add-on to the online shopping basket. Think about other small extras you can provide, such as silk lingerie washbags or scented drawer liners.  There are lots of ways to upsell lingerie accessories.

Hold a Christmas party for staff and regular customers

Finally, how about holding a party for your staff and loyal regular customers. Make it early on in the season before everyone gets too busy or tired, as it’s a lovely time of year to get together, drink a few bottles of wine and eat a few nibbles with customers that have been loyal throughout the year and may well have become friends.  Staff always make an extra effort during the busy Christmas period, so a Christmas staff party is always a good way to say thank you. My best advice is to plan a party for early December as it kicks off the festive spirit in the best way.

We hope you all have a bumper year this December and a Merry Christmas from Intimate Apparel Consultancy.