lingerie bloggers can help you stay on -trend in the lingerie industry

In our last article, we talked about how important it is for lingerie businesses to stay on trend, whether it’s a brand or a retail business that you’re involved with.  The easiest way to do this is via social media using lingerie bloggers and lingerie publications.

As in every industry, the lingerie industry has its influencers, many come in the form of lingerie bloggers, who review products, write about trends and generally have a handle on what’s going on in the lingerie industry. Their reviews, views and resources are posted in social media, on Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest etc, so it’s easy to find the influencers and then pan out from there to get an idea of who’s doing what in the lingerie industry. It’s a huge resource,it’s free and can be an inspiration for your business, particularly if you’re feeling a bit jaded and not sure of direction.

Every company has a different style, sized product or customer base, and that often dictates favourite lingerie bloggers, who also come in all shapes, sizes and have various different tastes and product preferences, so its not hard to find what fits with you. There are some huge influencers in the lingerie industry who are very well informed about what’s going on and can help keep you and your business well informed.

Lingerie Bloggers

Probably one of the best known is Cora Harrington, who you can find at or on twitter as @lingerie_addict. She’s recently published a rather lovely book called “In intimate detail” which helps you learn how to choose, wear and look after your lingerie and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn about lingerie or who just simply loves lingerie.

Cora has ten years of lingerie knowledge gleaned from starting out as a lingerie writer and writing her inspiring blog “The Lingerie addict”, which is wholly geared towards consumers and spans all body types and styles of lingerie.

Her book is a must have for intimate apparel enthusiasts and there is no doubt that she’s one of the most influential but also most interesting lingerie bloggers about.

The curvy market for intimate apparel is huge (excuse the pun – unintended) and there are some great blogs geared at lingerie for bigger girls, curves, large bra sizes etc.  One of the most popular is on twitter as @FFigureFBust.

Another, slightly lower profile lingerie blogger is Morning Madonna, who’s been doing reviews and writing about lingerie for four years.  Last year she’s produced a wonderful 80 page overview of the blogs and reviews she produced in 2016 You can find this lingerie blogger on twitter as @morninmadonna.

You might also want to take a look at trade publications and some are online,  “Underlines” is a UK lingerie trade magazine providing great information about the lingerie industry.  The editor Pamela Scott has been in lingerie a long time,  28 years as editor of Underlines!  She knows everyone and everything and the publication is now far more accessible since going online a few years ago.  Underlines also offer 5 print issues a year, packed with industry and product surveys and interesting articles, brand, product and trend information.  It’s a must read for the industry. Hard copies are available by subscription and you can subscribe to their newsletter too at

Make the most of social media for info on Lingerie trends and intimate apparel news

There’s a wealth of blogging talent out there and online publications on the subject of lingerie and intimate apparel and it’s not hard to find the movers and shakers, start with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

So, if you’re running a lingerie business and haven’t really been keeping on top of ideas, trends and what’s happening in the industry, you really need to get on social media or use it more effectively as a resource as well as keeping tabs on the bloggers/publications that fit with your products/image/brand.    Whilst you’re there you can build a following and promote your own brand/shop/products too.

We’ve just highlighted a couple of lingerie bloggers and a lingerie magazine here to give you an idea,  but there are plenty more on the numerous social media platforms, and something to fit every style, skin colour, taste and size.

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