Further to our post explaining what Omni Channel Marketing is, here’s an explanation about why it is necessary.


Who is your customer?

We need to fully appreciate that today’s modern customer is very well connected and informed via the internet and therefore, from your point of view, she is easily reached.

As a retailer, you have so many ways of finding her, talking to her, educating her and making her your best friend than ever before!

By being part of her everyday life, you will always be on her mind and on her hand held device! This new digital savvy customer researches products and brands online first and she usually knows what she wants. This means that, by the time she enters your shop, she is already well informed and expects the in store staff to be highly trained and knowledgeable in the products they are selling and fitting.

So what should you be thinking of doing?

Omni Channel Success for your lingerie business

First you must be trading seamlessly between your bricks and mortar shop and online business as it is reported that in store sales are influenced by online searches and are actually four times higher than the total e-commerce sales!

It doesn’t matter how or where the sales come from as long as they come into your business!

Customer databases and history of purchases and shopping habits, likes and dislikes must be kept and used to help plan and target effective promotional events. Once you have this you can then consider building on exciting and different ways of engaging your customer and keeping her interested in what you are doing.

How about adding a ‘virtual showroom’ online where customers can view images or videos about this season’s new collections, shapes of bras, body shapes. You could also have video fitting guides to educate and advise on buying the right shape bra for the right outfit.

How about creating QR (Quick Response) code and placing it on scannable shelf displays so your customers can view details or watch videos about your products online while they shop in store. These three dimensional barcodes can also be placed on related gift cards and promotional leaflets.

Remember to use Twitter and Facebook to inform your consumers of the latest lines, brands and promotions you have.

Improve your lingerie business!

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