There has been and continues to be a significant decline around the world, in both the size of lingerie trade shows and the number of attendees at them.  When I look back at the shows now in comparison with 20 years ago, many lingerie trade shows no longer exist and those that that do are much smaller. The most important trade shows left in the UK lingerie industry calendar are located in Paris and Solihull. They are both  bi-annual shows.

Lingerie shows in Paris and Solihull, UK in 2020

Paris is the lingerie industry’s only International Lingerie trade show in Europe and is located at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 7.3  This month’s dates are  18th – 20st  January and you can register and view the exhibitors @ There are many different conferences and fashions show events on each day including fashion master classes, as well as the separate Interfiliere section, which houses all the Industry’s fabric and component suppliers.  A minimum of 2 days is needed to do the show justice.

UK Lingerie show in Solihull

The only UK lingerie trade show is INDX in Solihull, West Midlands and this is held a month later than Paris, on 16th – 18th February. This show has a great vibe, it’s packed full of UK lingerie brands, nightwear and hosiery suppliers. It is usually very busy and you need to register in advance to attend. You’ll need to allow at least two days to do this show properly, talk to suppliers and review new products and brands.

New York CURVE Lingerie show

For those of you that wish to travel further afield and visit New York CURVE, it’s held on February 1st – 3rd. NY CURVE is held in the Javits Centre – NEW YORK. It’s a lovely show, full of vibe and energy. It’s a great chance to see different brands that aren’t usually seen across Europe and the UK. Quite a few UK brands show there and it well worth a visit every now again especially if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

How to plan and get the best out of a lingerie trade show

Once you’ve chosen which show/s to attend and how to get there, the next thing is how to plan your time whilst there.

  1. Pull together a buying calendar for the next season to add key critical dates of the trade show/s you can attend, to plan strategy and order deadline dates.  This is a working document and important branded viewings are plotted in as the season starts.
  1. Make your plan and keep to the plan whenever possible. There is nothing worse than returning from a show having not achieved what you needed to.
  1. Having already pre-planned your seasonal buy and completed all your analysis and reviews you‘ll be ready and prepared to attend the shows armed with all the facts and figures on your brands performance and an idea of what you need for next season.
  1. A good little tip is to try and see like for like brands at similar times so that you can help contextualise the ranges and limit duplication of styles g. basic, continuity brands together, premium brands together, DD brands together, shaping brands together etc. We all get tired at trade shows, so this will help.

On the day of the show, you need to get the best out of it and here’s a few pointers on how: –

  • Get there early, maximise the opportunity.
  • Review the floor plan in advance and mark stands that you need to visit & when
  • Be aware of when fashion shows are on and conferences you wish to listen to and plan your supplier appointments around this, always allow extra time in between because time just slips away
  • See the fashion show at the beginning of day so you can see all the new collections and trends.
  • Make appointments with the brands in advance. Tell them what you are looking for what you need, what worked what didn’t so you can get them focused on your business.
  • When you arrive tell them how long you have, try not over-run. One and a half hours should be enough to review any range.
  • Try and stay focused and leave chit-chat to the end of the meeting.
  • If you need to discuss business promotions then ensure an appointment is in place in advance with the right person!
  • Trade shows are tiring, plan in break times, refreshment and food breaks. If you don’t feel good than your decision making and concentration skills will be compromised.
  • Use this time wisely. Make your buying decisions at the show & place orders. If you know in advance what you need there should be no dithering and uncertainty.
  • Trade press always attend shows, introduce yourself, and find out the latest news and what the hottest brands are. They are in the know. If you are not subscribing then firstly shame on you and then secondly pick up an issue, there are usually a few freebies around. You need to know what is going on in your industry.

Walk the isles, meet and talk to lingerie brands that you don’t deal with

Trade shows are the best times to see and meet brands that you do not normally or regularly see, so try and make sure you have enough spare time just to walk the isles. Look out for new and fresh ideas. Stop and look and talk to the representatives, see what “OTHER” brands are about,  you never know you may be pleasantly surprised.