Expert post-op bra fittings for full or partial mastectomy in specialist lingerie shops - courses from Intimate Apparel

Expert post-op bra fittings in specialist lingerie shops

If you’ve had breast cancer and subsequently surgery, you may find it very difficult to know how to deal with buying the right bra after your operation, but there are many lingerie shops in the UK that employ specialist fitters to help make this a little easier for you and to offer plenty of advice and guidance.

Post-op bra fittings should ideally be made with a local a lingerie specialist retailer in advance, allowing the lingerie retailer to be prepared and ready for the client as more time and knowledge is required when dealing with such specialist bra fittings.  So, phone ahead and book the appointment for your bra fitting and explain your situation. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you can get a friend or family member to phone for you.

Buying a bra after a full or partial mastectomy

The whole process of buying the right bra after a full or partial mastectomy can be quite daunting, possibly even traumatic, and you might make a few appointments and cancel them before you actually get to the shop for the fitting.   Many post-op clients have said that they find it difficult to look at themselves in the mirror and it makes them visibly upset when dealing with this for the first time after surgery, so it’s understandable that this might be a task you put off.  It’s a good idea to take a friend, partner or family member to your fitting for encouragement and support .

Most lingerie retailers with experienced staff appreciate all the issues that go with a post surgery bra fitting. They understand that it’s different for each client according to the level of surgery, scarring and they are aware of issues with lymph node removal and all the other factors surrounding post-operative bra fittings.  They are experienced in helping women with post operative issues, such as difficulty with clothing removal, reduced movement etc, which is why they won’t rush you and always allow extra time for the fitting. Clients understandably sometimes get visibly upset during this process, and an experienced bra fitter recognises this and knows how to be supportive in such situations.

Post-op bra fitting training

We know about these issues because we offer exactly this type of training for lingerie retailers and their staff in our advanced bra fitting course, the aim being to make this this a less challenging experience and to help cover all the aspects of helping a post operative client buy the best possible bra for them.

So if you’re a retailer and you are currently not offering a post-operative bra fitting service, please contact us for information on our advanced bra fitting courses