Bra Fitting Courses

There is nothing worse than having a new bra which doesn’t keep everything where it’s supposed to be. How many women do you know whose bras do not support them and, worse, leave flesh hanging out at the sides, underneath or bulging out of the top?

Measuring bra size

This is a vital service for your customers, which can make the difference when it comes to achieving a sale and so you want your business to be able to offer the best guide when it comes to bra fitting, whatever the size, shape or lifestyle requirements of the woman in question.

Learn from the lingerie experts on how to measure a correct bra size and how to achieve the “perfect fitting bra”.


Independent Foundation Bra Fitting Course

One Day Bra Fitting Course 

Advanced Level Bra Fitting Course

Mastectomy Fitting Course

Maternity Fitting Course

Centre of Excellence

Foundation Non-Wired Fitting Course

Advanced Non-Wired Fitting Course




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