You shouldn’t let your bra fitting service get in the way of your lingerie business, sales and ultimately profit. Let’s be clear, your bra fitting service is only there to enhance and ensure you have a long term business by making sure that your customers return time & time again.

Once the “fitter” has the customer happy, elated, impressed and pleased with her new silhouette and body shape, she is totally in your hands. You want the customer to return, so do not take advantage , but do take the opportunity of maximizing the sale, after all customers are difficult to find at the moment.

Training for specialist bra fitting service like maternity bra fitting

A perfect example of this is becoming a local “specialist” retailer. Some assiduous brands currently offer extensive expert training in both mastectomy & maternity products and related bra fitting processes thus allowing the retailer to offer a dedicated service to women creating unparalleled customer loyalty.

Bra Fitting Problems

Another reason for considering diversifying into this specialist area is that other areas of the lingerie business that used to be considered as niche, such as large cup sizes or small back sizes which are now increasingly common place and do not offer the stores any individuality.

So let’s summarise the priorities:

  • Get your staff well trained and regularly trained, either by using many different branded “free” courses or by using an independent specialist who offers bra fitting training who will train you with all your different brands. After all it is so important that your fitters fully understand each brand, the shapes and how they fit.
  •  Do it properly or do not do it at all. Be clear, you offer a bra fitting service not a bra measuring service. There is a significant difference. You will fit the customer in a bra that fits her, during a private personal process, NOT measure her body with an often inaccurate measurement so she can go elsewhere to buy an ill-fitting bra!
  • Ensure your staff understands the purpose of bra fitting and serving a customer; to increase and generate multiple sales, add on purchases. This in itself is a training day and course. How do your staff introduce the add on sale of a piece of shapewear now that’s a skill in itself.
  • Promote your bra fitting service and skills. Ask for testimonials from your customers and put them on your web site or on fitting leaflets that you can distribute.
  • Offer regular “free” fitting events. Make them fun and enjoyable, the talk of the town! Make them fun and enjoyable, so your bra measuring service becomes the talk of the town – think Trinny and Susannah or Gok Wan, so many women are wearing the wrong sized bras.
  • When you have that customer in the fitting room, make the most of it. After all, all she wants is a comfortable, good fitting bra, how difficult is that?

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