80% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

With statistics like “one in three bra fittings are still not measuring up“, this suggests that there are still clear issues with our high street bra fitting service. Under-band measurements prove to be the most challenging to get right, with only 27% of High St dept stores succeeding at this fundamental stage. No wonder it is still believed that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

We Must Train For An Effective Bra Fitting Service

Some retailers are still not getting it right. How come? It’s because the brands are still predominately responsible for the training of our fitters by offering free bra fitting courses. Being guilty of enjoying this free service, have we unwittingly compounded the problem? Each brand can fit differently and, in some cases, the brands even train us to fit in a different way, adding even more confusion to a challenging industry?

Or is it because we are guilty of not investing enough time and money in regularly training our staff and, I don’t mean just “new” staff.  It is just as important to “refresh” and continue to train our existing “experienced” staff. Bad habits develop fast and can spread very quickly when “expert” fitters are responsible for training our new recruits. Whatever the reason, it is felt we as an industry have made little headway in improving the customer fitting service in the past few years.

The problem is not getting better! With sales down, operating costs up and margins being threatened, cut-backs have been on training. If there’s one thing that will ensure to bring customers back, it’s a “fabulous” bra fitting service, that is consistent, reliable and offers impartial advice. This is only achieved by extensive training and experience on the shop floor in fitting rooms.

An Effective Bra Fitting Service Should Lead to Sales

From the retailer’s perspective, not only do we need to offer a credible fitting service, we need a bra measuring service that also “sells” a product that fits the customer’s personal requirements. This may  include maternity bra fitting. Ask yourself, or better still, conduct a survey in your business, what is the % rate of bra fittings that results in a sale of 1 or more bras? A good fitter should always sell more than one garment to a customer and achieve that add on purchase.

Too many times I have overheard or seen a fitter talk a customer out of a purchase as she didn’t feel the bra fitted 100%! A fitter must never lose sight of what her purpose is; to be capable of selling a customer a suitable bra whatever their shape, age and size. Are your fitters sales people or just fitters? What is the point of dedicating time and money to a fitting service if a SALE and a happy customer is not the end result…

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