There has been a lot of talk and articles written over the years about how to achieve a properly fitting bra but not so much on why a bra fitting service is important and what are the benefits. So here are a few that I am sure you will be able to relate to:

Feeling uncomfortable, most women report they struggle with fit issues relative to comfort.

  1. Wires digging into their skin especially under the bust and under the arm.
  2. Bra straps that slip off shoulders constantly and will not stay put.
  3. Under band rides up at the back and therefore the bra tips and the front wires dig in under the breast tissue.
  4. Or in contrast the under band feels far too tight around the body and can cause shortness of breath and sore skin.

Make you look bigger and much heavier than you are, especially if you have a larger bust.

  1. Droopy, sagging breasts do nothing to help or improve the fit of your clothes.
  2. Body posture can be effected by unsupported breasts, making you appear older, shorter and rounder.
  3. Larger busted ladies can appear at least a full dress size larger when wearing the wrong size bra.
  4. Feeling better about yourself and far more positive about the way you look.

Being healthy and feeling healthy

I accept some of you will be saying now that’s enough, but seriously read on as these points are true and not often discussed when we talk about wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or support. Your bust has no muscle so therefore:

  1. The shape of your breast is determined by the bras you wear.
  2. Your breast depends on an outside source of support to keep its shape and a non-supporting bra is just an ill-fitting cover.
  3. Your bust should be lifted and supported to allow for proper / improved circulation.
  4. Without proper support, lymphatic drainage is impeded, which can interfere with cellular health.
  5. Breast related health problems are more likely when there is no circulation and lymphatic drainage is effected.
  6. When gravity pulls your breast down, it can also stretch your throat and face tissue.

Train your staff to fit bras correctly!

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