Offering a good bra fitting service can boost your lingerie sales - Intimate Apparel Bra fitting courses

A good bra fitting service is an opportunity to boost sales

Providing a good bra fitting service in your lingerie shop is important but make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your sales, and ultimately your profit. A bra fitting service is there to enhance what you offer as a retailer and ensure you improve your long a long-term business by ensuring your customers return time and time again. Once your “fitter” has a customer happy and pleased with her new beautifully fitting bra, new silhouette and body shape, she is more likely to return, which is the ultimate compliment and your goal.  So, how do we build on this service to improve profit, as bra fitting is costly in terms of staff and the hours allocated?

Take advantage of the captive audience your bra fitter creates

It’s so important to take advantage of the captive audience and to maximize the sale. Customers are few and far between so make sure your staff are trained to offer the matching briefs and thongs and to offer the bra in multiple colour options, even if it is a special order. I know of one very successful retailer who has a buy 3 bra policy, one on the body, one in the wash and the other in the drawer, it has worked very well for them over the decades…after all buying bras is reported to be one of the most frustrating and challenging shopping experiences, so when you get it right, makes sure your client is stocked up!

Minor bra fit imperfections may be outweighed by other requirements

Make sure your “fitter “doesn’t talk a customer away from a purchase that she is very pleased with for a minor fit imperfection that only a trained fitter can see.  I personally have a few bras that I love for a specific reason, might be the color, the lower center front, super comfy, they may not be one of my best fitting bras, but I still bought them for a reason and continue to be happy with them and wear them regularly. It’s a balance, the bra has to fit well and the customer happy and comfortable.

Make sure your bra fitters are trained with different brands and independent trainers for a variation on views

Regarding your fitters please ensure they are trained by a few different brands or independent trainers, it’s so important to be exposed to different views, techniques and tips. This will only expand and improve your fitter’s bra fitting skills and most importantly, their confidence. Display their qualifications, brag about it online, after all you’re a specialist retailer with highly trained staff, so advertise it.

Your lingerie sales priorities

 Do it properly or don’t do it at all. Be clear, you offer a bra fitting service not a measuring service. There is a significant difference. You will fit the customer in a bra that fits her body shape, during a private personal process, NOT measure her body with an often-inaccurate measurement so she can go elsewhere to buy an ill-fitting bra!

  • Ensure your staff members understand the purpose of fitting and serving a customer; to increase and generate multiple sales and add on purchases. This in itself is a training day and course. How do your staff introduce the add-on sale, such as a piece of shapewear, hosiery or matching briefs. That’s a very necessary skill to acquire.
  • Promote your fitting service and skills. Ask for testimonials from your customers and put them on your website or on fitting leaflets that you can distribute.
  • Offer regular “free” fitting events. Make them fun and enjoyable, the talk of the town!
  • When you have your customer in the fitting room, make the most of it. After all, all your customer wants is a comfortable bra that fits, how difficult is that?
  • Get your staff well trained and regularly trained, either by using one of the different “free” courses that are run by lingerie brands or use an independent specialist who offers bra fitting training, who will train you with all your different lingerie branded products. After all it is so important that your fitters fully understand each brand, the different shapes and how they fit.

Become a specialist lingerie retailer offering fitting for post surgery and maternity bras

A last word of advice: consider expanding your product offering and services by becoming a local “specialist” lingerie retailer. Some assiduous brands currently offer extensive expert training in both mastectomy (post-surgery) & maternity and nursing products and related fitting processes, thus allowing you the retailer to offer a dedicated service to women, creating unparalleled customer loyalty.

Another reason to consider diversifying into this specialist area is that previous areas of the lingerie business that used to be considered as niche, such as large cup sizes or small back sizes, are now very common place and no longer offer stores any individuality. Lingerie retailers need to work harder and push boundaries and increase skill set and knowledge to stand out from the crowd.

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