Finding the perfect bra for a client can be very difficult.

A simple measurement and knowing their size is one thing, but finding a bra that’s right for their body shape is just as important.

You must be precise with your measurements. A poorly fitted bra contributes to bra strap problems!

Be aware, however, that a new client may not have had their bra professionally fitted.

As a lingerie business, this is your moment to shine!

Dazzle them with these simple and effective tips to prevent their bra straps falling down!

How to prevent bra straps falling down

1 – Adjust bra straps regularly!

The client should be able to fit two fingers under their bra strap. It should feel snug but not too tight, since it can become uncomfortable as the day progresses.

The bra straps should be checked each time the bra is washed. Every time you wash and wear your bra, the sliders can move a little. It’s important to check and adjust them regularly.

If the bra is too big around the body ie: the underband is too large, this can result in the straps sitting too wide on the torso. Therefore, they will slip off the shoulders. This is a very common error and is easily rectified by having a professional bra fitting and wearing the right size bra.

2 – Body type is key!

For clients that have very narrow shoulders it can be difficult to find a bra that sits central to their shoulder. You should steer these clients away from balconette bras.

Recommend a full cup bra instead as the apex is much higher and more central to the nipple line vertically. Alternatively, there are some great solutions from Secret Weapons that may help:- Bra clips. These work by hooking the bra straps together at the back and in the middle, resulting in zero strap slippage on the shoulders.

Multi-way bras may also offer a solution as the straps can be fastened in various ways.

You can also recommend Secret Weapon’s barely-there nude coloured bra strap cushions. Made of super soft, non-slip silicone, bra strap cushions offer unprecedented comfort and prevent bra strap slippage. Re-usable bra strap cushions are ideal for everyday wear and should be recommended to the client if necessary.

3 – A professional bra fitting

A client will always have issues with their bra if it isn’t properly fitted. Offering these helpful tips and insights will build trust between the client and your brand. Continue to be informative and knowledgeable about your area of expertise and, when the time is right, offer them a fitting!

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